Corporate social responsibility
Because we value our reputation as a producing company and a trusted business partner, we base our work on the principles of corporate social responsibility towards our employees, our supplier partners and our clients. We value the people we work with. We contribute to environmental protection and sustainability and take responsibility for the manufactured products. We are honest and transparent with our clients and business partners.
We take responsibility for complying with all environmental laws, including those related to hazardous substances, wastewater, solid waste and air emissions. We encourage our suppliers and partners to aim to reduce their environmental footprint and to conserve the natural resources on which we all depend.
Environmental responsibility
Supplier Code of Ethics and Business Conduct
Our company's reputation and success depend on how we strive to uphold the company values in all our business operations. The "Supplier Code of Ethics and Business Conduct" applies to all of the company's suppliers, regardless of where they do business. By compliance we mean not only compliance with the requirements of the law, but also the ethical obligations assumed by the company. We build and maintain honest and transparent business relationships with partners and do our best to make them mutually beneficial. Top Line expects its partners and suppliers to maintain high ethical standards in the conduct of their business.
We have built a customer-oriented quality management system for our company basing on the ISO 9001 standard. We understand our customers' needs, meet their requirements and know how to anticipate their expectations. At the same time, we do not need to control each manufactured item or production process individually as the quality of each item as well as the safety and efficiency of each process are guaranteed by the company operating conditions we provide. Such conditions minimize errors in work and ensure high quality of our goods and services.

Our own production regularly undergoes audits by CSR auditing companies. Conducting audits is a mandatory requirement and a condition for cooperation with large international companies. Audits allow us to find bottlenecks in production, confirm licenses, build a more resilient and efficient supply chain and improve enterprise management. Thus, all that is highly beneficial to our clients as it provides them with extra guarantees regarding the quality of the products and services our company offers them.

All our textile products are safe and toxic-free, from the fabric itself and down to such details as threads and buttons, as well as the dyes that are used in the production processes. It's confirmed by independent international textile testing laboratory certificates OEKO-tex. While conducting a general OEKO-tex test, 100 criteria are being applied in the assessment process, including: compliance with the pH requirements; the absence of allergenic dyes, prohibited substances, heavy metals and chlorine-containing compounds.

ISO 9001
Our company is also certified according to the OHSAS 18001 standard adopted by the world community as a universal tool for creating an effective industrial safety and labor protection management system (OSHM). The requirements of these standards relate only to occupational safety. The compliance of our management system of the production with the established requirements guarantees the resilience and sustainability of our company, distinguishes us from our competitors and gives us greater competitive advantages in the long-term partnership relationship.

OHSAS 18001

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